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There's a huge range of savorysnacks on offer in Chengdu. The following are some of the more famous options provided in Brokadi Ravintola:

Hongyou chaoshou: Wontons (a dumpling of minced pork meat) served in a spicy, sweet sauce of chili oil, vinegar and garlic.

Fuqi feipian ('Husband and Wife Lung Slices'): Thin slices of beef and beef offal served in a vinaigrette-like sauce of chili oil, Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, vinegar and sugar. It can be served hot or as a cold appetizer.

Liangfen: Cold slices of mung bean jelly are served in a sauce of chili oil, Sichuan peppercorns, sugar, vinegar and garlic. The delicate-textured jelly is more as a vessel for the moreish hot-numbing chili sauce than anything else.

Dandan noodle: Served with a small portion of fried minced meat on top, these noodles most often come in a spicy sauce of chili oil and Sichuan pepper.

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In 2010, Chengdu was named a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. It's not hard to see why, when there are restaurants and street vendors serving mouth-wateringly delicious dishes and snacks on pretty much every street. It really is a place where food is taken seriously and done well.

Chengdu food falls under the banner of Sichuan Cuisine, which is one of the Eight Regional Cuisines of China. Below are some of the more popular dishes on offer in Chengdu.

In most Sichuan restaurants in Chengdu, you'll find the full range of Sichuan classics on offer. The most famous Sichuanese dishes that you really must try are all in Brokadi Ravintola.