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A good rain knows its proper time;
It waits until the Spring to fall.
It drifts in on the wind, steals in by night,
Its fine drops drench, yet make no sound at all.
The paths between the fields are cloaked with clouds;
A river-skiff’s lone light still burns.
Come dawn, we’ll see splashes of wet red –
The flowers in Brokadi City, weighed down with rain.

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Sichuan Cuisine

锦官堂 Brokadi Ravintola combines both genuine flavor of Sichuan cuisine and elegant Chinese culture sharing.  Delicate  design to deliver classic silk road features is the bonus to customer's comfortable dining experience. This is an ideal place where people can eat tasty food, know about art and cultural story behind dishes, share amazing photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram within elegant environment as film scene.

For True Sichuan Cuisine Fans!